Why Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week is Important to Ontario’s Condominium and Apartment Building Owners

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week takes place from November 1st to the 7th. This year, we feel this week is particularly important. The dangers of carbon monoxide need to be top-of-mind for building owners across Ontario.

Over the last two years, we’ve seen a record number of people staying home to work. That means more use of our gas stoves, gas fireplaces, BBQs, and even outdoor propane heaters.

 Here are a few important things to remember this week.

1. Know the Risks

Over 65% of all carbon monoxide deaths and injuries in Ontario occur in our homes. That means that condo and apartment building owners have a tremendous responsibility.

 They are tasked with:

a) Ensuring that all CO2 alarms are fully functional at all times

b) Ensuring all staff and residents know how to respond when they hear an alarm

 Both of these things are absolutely crucial to ensuring everyone in your building is safe at all times.

2. Know the Code

In October of 2015, Ontario saw an amendment to its Fire Protection and Prevention regulations. The new requirements meant that carbon monoxide alarms were now required near all sleeping areas/bedrooms:

With fuel-burning appliances or fireplaces, or…

Are adjacent to a service room with such appliances, or… 

Adjacent to a garage

Adjacent is defined as any residential unit that has a common wall, floor, or ceiling with a garage or service room.

3. Know Your Responsibility

According to Ontario Regulation 213/07 of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, the building’s owner is responsible for installing, managing, and checking CO2 alarms.

However, it’s important to know that the owner is defined as: “any person, firm or corporation having control over any portion of the building or property under consideration.”

Every unit’s CO2 alarm must be:

A. Permanently connected to an electrical circuit, or…

B. Battery-operated, or…

C.   Plugged into an electrical receptacle

 You also need to ensure that they:

  • Meet the requirements for residential carbon monoxide alarming devices or multiple station carbon monoxide alarms
  • Are mechanically fixed, attached, plugged in, or placed at the manufacturer’s recommended height

 If you have any questions about compliance with the regulations for any fire and life safety systems in your building, your best bet is to reach out to an expert.

We are Ontario’s Leading Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems Experts

This can be a very complicated area, and not one you should try to navigate alone! We can help. FCS is proud to assist owners and managers of condominiums and other multi-residential occupancies in ensuring fire code compliance at their buildings.

 We offer consulting services and solutions for common and unique fire code challenges faced by property owners and managers.

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COVID-19 Update

As a company whose business revolves around Safety and Prevention, we have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it unfolds. We have developed internal and external policies to keep our team and yours safe. We will continue to monitor this situation and are continuing to develop a variety of contingency plans which we will activate accordingly as necessary.
What we are doing to keep our team and yours safe:
What we ask of you:
We have every intention of continuing regular operation, with the safety of your team and ours being the top priority. We are taking steps to ensure no on-site services are impacted, however, will re-scheduling if necessary, based onsafety concerns or if quarantines are mandated.
The health and safety of both our team and yours is of the utmost importance. If you have any questions about our policies or would like to request more information about them please reach out to our team at Admin@fcsfire.com

Safe Wishes,
Michele Farley
President & Senior Code Consultant
FCS Fire Consulting Services LTD