Our Vision

We believe in total client care.

At FCS Fire, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard in the delivery of our unique services. We are experts in the implementation of Ontario Fire Code compliant systems and we seek to help our clients understand the code in order to ensure that they are able to adhere to it. We do this in a way that makes it easy to understand so that our clients can do what they have to do to seamlessly begin and remain in compliance while they continue to run their businesses.

FCS enjoys strong relationships with clients and code enforcement personnel. We value these relationships and seek to build upon them as we continue to grow. We understand that ours is a business that requires dedication to life-long learning and encourages our people to embrace the opportunities presented to educate themselves.

Last, but certainly not least, FCS believes that it is important to give back to our community. We do this in many ways and always seek to support the community at large in any way possible.

Our Mission

To provide building and fire safety reviews to assess, facilitate, implement, and maintain Ontario Fire Code compliance.

We aim to educate managers, owners, and directors with a keen understanding of all of their responsibilities under the Ontario Fire Code including how to maintain compliance, designation of responsibility for all requirements, and training to ensure all parties understand their critical fire safety role for everyone in the building.

Since 1980, The Deadliest Years For Fires: 2020, 2021, 2022.

Starting to see a pattern?

Fire safety has one goal, and that’s saving lives. FCS Fire is dedicated to helping you achieve sustainable fire safety, From brand new systems to maintaining long-term compliance.

Our Guiding Values

At FCS we strive to maintain a reputation as the best in the industry. To this end, we expect our employees to act in the best interest of our clients at all times and in all regards.

Fire Code Experts

Fire code compliance—it’s the law!

For over 25 years, FCS Fire has been a leading consulting firm specializing in fire code compliance, auditing, alternative compliances, staff training on fire code building condition assessments and evaluation. FCS holds a Certificate of Authorization (C of A) from Professional Engineers Ontario.
FCS has developed customized fire code compliance services for a multitude of clients. The FCS team provides methodical evaluation and fire code project administration services that include fire code compliance, fire safety plans, smoke migration, fire alarm retrofit planning and management, annual fire code compliance assurance contracts and much more!
We can help you to establish and train your staff on customized programs that comply with the mandatory fire code requirements, hold regular fire drills, test your building life safety system integration, and have registered trained staff prepared for a fire alarm event.

In the Media

COVID-19 Update

As a company whose business revolves around Safety and Prevention, we have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it unfolds. We have developed internal and external policies to keep our team and yours safe. We will continue to monitor this situation and are continuing to develop a variety of contingency plans which we will activate accordingly as necessary.
What we are doing to keep our team and yours safe:
What we ask of you:
We have every intention of continuing regular operation, with the safety of your team and ours being the top priority. We are taking steps to ensure no on-site services are impacted, however, will re-scheduling if necessary, based onsafety concerns or if quarantines are mandated.
The health and safety of both our team and yours is of the utmost importance. If you have any questions about our policies or would like to request more information about them please reach out to our team at Admin@fcsfire.com

Safe Wishes,
Michele Farley
President & Senior Code Consultant
FCS Fire Consulting Services LTD