What Was Once Considered ‘The Extra Mile’ in Fire Safety is Now The Law

Technology sometimes evolves so quickly that the rules that regulate how it’s used need a few years to catch up.

For example, your life safety system is an incredibly advanced network of different elements that includes alarms, doors, vents, and elevators. But until recently, there was no standard to test how these systems communicated with each other or interacted. Does the alarm cause the elevators to recall? 

Both the alarm and elevators could pass their individual tests. But, there was no standard to test the connection between the two elements until June of 2020, with the introduction of S-1001 – Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems Assessment.

Prior to June 2020, testing how your various systems interacted with each other could be considered going above and beyond, with no real standard requiring you to do that. However, 2 years later, it’s now the law. You now need to get that integrated test if you’re planning a new build or a renovation that will impact your life safety system.

Regulations and fire safety systems are always evolving. Something that’s seen as going above and beyond today could be the law tomorrow. So why not build these good habits today? We believe that, in the world of fire safety, there is no such thing as going the extra mile. There is just moving forward.

Can You Be Too Prepared?

Every dollar you invest and every action you take to improve your building’s fire safety has value. There is always a return on that investment, regardless of whether you’re investing time or money.

All new buildings constructed today need to have a baseline of life safety systems to be compliant. However, those systems are just part of your overall safety.

How often are you inspecting and maintaining that equipment? Does everybody on staff have proper training on it? If an alarm goes off, does your staff recognize the implications and know how to respond? You simply cannot be too sure that the answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes.

Can they be too aware of what to do in an emergency situation?

Can You Be Too Compliant?

Taking any extra steps to ensure your building’s constant compliance will pay off. Again, there is always a return on that investment.

On a very simple level, you’re putting yourself in the best possible position to avoid costly fines or penalties. On a human level, you’re simply making sure the people in your building are as safe as possible at all times.

Doing extra work between inspections can also help you find hidden problems that might go completely unnoticed until your next inspection; Or even worse, during an emergency situation.

If you want to read how an extra inspection helped one of our clients find one of these hidden problems, check out this blog.

We Can Help You Move Forward

Are you looking to improve your building’s fire safety? Have you recently had an inspection that didn’t go as hoped? We can help!

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COVID-19 Update

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What we are doing to keep our team and yours safe:
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