The Bay Club

The Bayclub is a 119 unit, high rise residential condominium corporation built in the late 1970's. The Corporation recently changed contractors for completion of the annual inspection of the building sprinkler system and subsequently received a report outlining a number of identified deficiencies and recommendations totaling almost $45,000. Pending this vork the Contractor would not issue a Certificate of Compliance. The prices quoted included some further inspection requirements but not the cost of some additional work that may/may not be required, therefore, the final total could have been much higher. Discussions with the contractor about these recommendations raised a number of concerns. Before proceeding with the recommendations the Corporation felt it prudent to have the report reviewed by a Fire Code consultant who specializes in code requirements for buildings of our age. Our intent was to confirm which items were actually required by Code and also to determine a priority list to identify items which must be done immediately to ensure the safety of our residents and those which could be scheduled and budgeted for at a later date. The Corporation also wished to ensure that repairs were completed which would result in the issuance of a compliance certificate as required by law To complete this review the hoard retained FCS Fire Consulting Services who determined that a number of the recommendations received were in fact not code requirements for a building of our age, some items that were unnecessary and some that were priced expensively. Subsequently, the Corporation retained FCS to review, control and arrange for an alternate contractor, Vipond, to perform the required sprinkler repair work. This work was completed over a 2 week period within the timelines anticipated and primarily on budget with conservative cost extras for unknown and unpredictable discovered deficiencies. Throughout the two week period we had excellent communication from FCS with respect to work taking place, problems discovered etc., The final report received also provided us with information on future budgeting recommendations for reserve fund planning purposes i.e. approximate expected life span of sprinkler pipes, fire pump, sprinkler heads etc., in addition we received our annual Certificate of Inspection for building sprinkler systems. The end result is that in utilizing the services of a company specializing in this kind of work the Corporation now has a better functioning system which even taking into account the consulting costs incurred was achieved at approximately 50% of the cost recommended by the original contractor. Should you have arty questions or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.