Del Property Management

We contacted your firm recently to update the Fire Plans and Emergency Proceedures at Marina Del Rey. This site consists of three condominium buildings (820 suites) and a Recreation Center on eleven acres. It is noted that from the beginning the professionalism, knowledge and thoroughness that were displayed by you and your staff impressed us. As part of the program, the on site staff consisting of approximately nineteen Front Desk and Security staff, four Superintendants, three Administrators and one Manager were schooled in Emergency and Fire Emergency Procedures, and, WOW "what an eye opener". The training has been invaluable, and it pointed out that while intentions were good many of our actions were not correct and in "life and death" situations seconds make a difference. Many of the areas that we corrected through the training process were not large issues, however, "when your in the middle of a forest sometimes you can't see the trees" as they say. The building audits, record keeping audits and staff responsibility assessments are a MUST in my opinion for any corporation charged with the responsibility of managing buildings and staff. This not only from a responsibility to insure that the safe practices are in place as lives are involved but as well, to give the staff the proper tools in order to do the job. We will continue to retrain our staff semi annually through your company and our annual audits will continue. Please feel free to use this, as a reference should you require it.