Our Services

FCS unique services include OFC Part 7 Assessment & Consulting (Maintenance of Fire Emergency Systems in High Building), Fire Safety Suite Assessment (risk such as hoarding situations) and Smoke/Odour Migration Diagnostic Testing (risk of breach in fire separtation between units). Our Fire Code experts provide solutions through audit, evaluation, reporting and training in order to achieve sustainable Fire Code compliance.

Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems – S1001

FCS Fire Consulting Services is the first ULC Listed Integrated Systems Testing Service Provider. Our team designs custom testing protocols and documentation for your building. Our service verifies the proper integration of fire protection and life safety systems by testing them as a whole in accordance with the CAN/ULC-S1001, Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems. As part of the close-out documentation we issue a certificate that meets National Building and Fire Code requirements.  

Inspection Order or Notice of Violation
When issued with an Inspection Order or Notice of Violation by the Fire Department, your immediate action is necessary to avoid fines and/or imprisonment. FCS expedites remediation with professional Fire Code Consulting Services for proper planning, communication/negotiation and process. We have a good rapport with the Authorities Having Jurisdiction and a reputation for helping our clients achieve clearance quickly to avoid repercussion of non-compliance.
Summons / Order to Comply
When issued a Summons or an Order to Comply with the Fire Code by the Authorities, immediate Preparation for Court action is necessary to minimize fines and/or imprisonment. FCS has years of experience in preparing building owners for court appearance and a reputation for minimizing charges issued. We prepare your proof of due diligence and plan of compliance for consideration by the Authorities.
OFC Part 7 - Assessment & Consulting
Part 7 of the Ontario Fire Code – Checking, Inspection, Testing, Notification and Maintenance of Fire Emergency Systems in High Buildings. This Part applies to high buildings as described in Article of Division B of the Building Code (Buildings over 18 metres or approx. 7 storeys). As per subsection this section of the code requires the fire emergency systems required by this Code and the Building Code shall be checked, inspected, tested and maintained in accordance with Sections 7.2 and 7.3. Further more, as per subsection (4) The procedures described in Part 7 shall bear the signature and seal of a Professional Engineer or Architect.

We have seen an increase in inspections from various Fire Departments resulting in Inspection Orders & Notice of Violations specifically regarding Part 7. Based on our over 25 years of Part 7 experience with information and research gathered using our strong relations with various Fire Departments, FCS has developed a service to proactively address these concerns in your building and to meet the Fire Department and Ontario Fire Code requirements. Be prepared for Fire Inspection because you ARE going to have one!

The FCS Part 7 OFC Consulting Services include operational testing and test report as well as development of the test & inspection procedures specific to your building. A supplemental document to the fire safety plan (stamped by an Engineer) will be provided that will become a permanent record of the required maintenance for your systems and a guideline for your building supervisory staff to continue to record the necessary quarterly test and inspections for Part 7 OFC.

Fire Code Retrofit, Fire Panel Replacement and System Upgrade
Fire Code Retrofit – Legislation per Part 9 of the Fire Code addresses the upgrade of existing buildings. Under Part 9, corrective action may require construction, renovations or additions. The building owner must submit plans, obtain necessary permits, and have all of the work approved by the local officials. Buildings concerned include assembly occupancies, rooming houses, health-care facilities, and multi-unit residential buildings.

Developing a Project Plan – FCS has been assisting building owners and managers with Fire Code retrofit, fire panel replacement and system upgrade for over 20 years. Our seamless process commences with an audit and evaluation of the existing systems and conditions, current Code and Standard requirements, available technologies and your objectives. We strongly recommend this cost effective technical assessment process to be the first step in preparing your project  plan. An FCS Technical Assessment will assist you in determining the parameters for your project specification and provide the information you require for budgeting and planning.

Alternative Compliance – Where compliance with Fire Code Retrofit can not be accomplished due to existing conditions beyond control, FCS offers Alternative Compliance Solutions for submission to and acceptance by the Authorities.

Plans and Specifications – FCS prepares Fire Code Retrofit specifications and works with associated Professional Engineering firms to ensure your project Plans and Specifications meet all applicable requirements for permit application.

Project Administration – FCS understands the challenges faced by owners and managers during retrofit and fire system upgrades and we offer a wide range of Project Administration Services to meet your needs. Project administration services for fire panel replacement may include all or part of our available services; building permit application process, contractor pre-qualifying, complete tender and bid comparison, contractor administration and project consulting from project commencement through to completion, project progress reporting, Fire Safety Plan amendment, building compliance audit, staff training, commissioning of systems, building and fire department clearance, complete project closing package for permanent record. 

Annual Review
Annual review of the Fire Safety Plan is mandatory per Subsection of the Fire Code. Implementation of the Fire Safety Plan is required per Subsection of the Fire Code.

FCS offers our Annual Fire Safety Review service to review your Fire Code compliance with these “passive” fire protection systems that are not included in conventional fire alarm testing and certification processes. We conduct a thorough review of your Fire Safety Plan document to meet the Fire Code requirement for Annual Plan Review and we conduct a general compliance review of your building, focusing on Part 2 and Part 6 Fire Code requirements for confirmation of Plan implementation. Our report will include a summary of deficiencies, where necessary for compliance and improved life safety. Our Fire Safety Certificate will be issued upon confirmation of Plan implementation compliance and deficiency repair completion.

Fire Safety Plans
All buildings with fire alarm systems are required to have a Fire Safety Plan. The Fire Code requires Fire Safety Plans to be reviewed annually and updated as necessary to keep current information within the Plan, taking into account changes in building characteristics. FCS develops Customized Fire Safety Plans, prepares full Plan Revisions and prepares Amendments. Our Fire Safety Plan services are designed to promote proper implementation of the Plan by building supervisory staff.
Fire Safety Training Programs
Combine any two training modules to be conducted in a 2 hour session. Our report and the participant attendance sheet are provided for your record of all FCS training sessions.

Fire Safey Plan Training – Our Fire Safety Plan training program is a 1 hour discussion-type session where building supervisory staff  participate in a review of the existing Fire Safety Plan with an FCS Fire Code expert. The session includes a review of emergency procedures, staff duties and responsibilities for fire safety and Fire Code maintenance.

Fire Drill Training – Our Fire Drill training program is a 1 hour “hands-on” session where supervisory staff  participate in all Fire Drill responsibilities including a review of emergency panel operations and making emergency voice announcements (where applicable). If staff are not comfortable will emergency panel operations, a CFAA certified fire alarm technician should be arranged to attend the training session. FCS can arrange for a technician on your behalf at an additional cost.

Fire Code Maintenance Training – Our Fire Code Maintenance training program is a 1 hour “hands-on” session where supervisory staff  participate in a review of their Fire Code maintenance responsibilities per the Fire Safety Plan as they walk through the building with an FCS Fire Code expert to test, check and inspect passive and physical fire protection systems that they are responsible for on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Proper record keeping procedures will also be reviewed.

Resident Fire Safety Seminars – FCS offers Resident Fire Safety Seminars that are arranged by building management and where requested may focus awareness on building specific fire safety matters as well as incorporate attendance by local Authorities, where available.

Fire Code Compliance Assessments
Fire Code Safety Assessment – A detailed audit of fire safety and Fire Code compliance is recommended to be conducted at least once in your building. Following a complete Fire Code Safety Assessment, deficiencies can be corrected and compliance continuance can be managed through proper maintenance processes and annual review. Newly acquired buildings, by purchase or property management may be at risk of non compliance and a full audit should be conducted and recorded as soon as possible for liability purposes.

Legal and Financial Assessments – FCS Legal Compliance Audit services determine Fire Code compliance status and potential capital expenditures prior to the closing of Purchase/Sale agreements. Following an FCS Financial Compliance Audit,  lenders (mortgage renewal) requiring proof of Fire Code compliance are satisfied upon obtaining a Letter of Compliance from FCS reviewed and accepted by our associated Professional Engineering firms.

Hoarding Risk Assessment
FCS offers a preliminary Risk Suite Identification service to determine, on behalf of owners and managers if a fire and life safety risk exists within a multi-residential suite. Once a fire and life safety risk has been identified by management or by FCS, immediate action should be taken and a full Risk Suite Assessment is strongly recommended to evaluate the risk, develop an action plan and provide record for legal purpose. FCS has successfully worked with management and residents to minimize fire and life safety risks in hoarding suites and often refer associated hoarding professionals to assist residents with compliance continuance.
Smoke/Odour Migration Evaluation
The FCS team have been extremely successful in determining migration points of odour and cigarette smoke between multi-residential units and remediating to 100% zero smoke migration utilizing artificial smoke and our methodical evaluation and remediation processes.
Alternative Compliance Solutions
FCS is the leading expert in preparing Fire Code Alternative Compliance Solutions. We have successfully facilitated clearance of many Notices of Violation and Orders to Comply through our approved solutions and FCS Project Administration services, where Fire Code compliance had appeared unachievable. Our Alternative Compliance Solutions are designed to meet your objectives, improve the life safety in your building and satisfy the Authorities.

Submissions / Appeals (Office of the Fire Marshal) – FCS has obtained acceptance from local Authorities for many of our Alternative Compliance Solutions, however a few very complex cases have resulted in our submissions being rejected. In this case, you have right to appeal to the Office of the Ontario Fire Marshal.  FCS has been very successful with both submissions and appeals.

Project Administration – FCS offers project administration services as necessary to meet your needs to facilatate your Approved Alternative Compliance Solution project. Project administration services may include building permit application, contractor pre-qualifying, bid comparison, contractor administration and project consulting from project commencement through to completion, project progress reporting, Fire Safety Plan amendment, building compliance audit, staff training, commissioning of systems, building and fire department clearance, complete project closing package for permanent record.