FCS Becomes 1st ULC Listed Integrated Systems Testing Service Provider

August 3, 2021

UL in Canada is pleased to announce the successful completion of the listing evaluation of FCS Fire Consulting Services Ltd to become the first ULC Listed Integrated Systems Testing Service Provider. This new ULC program assists fire and building code authorities, property owners, insurance companies and other industry stakeholders confirm that organizations and individuals who test the integration of fire protection and life safety systems in a building have the technical knowledge and expertise to conduct the testing process, requirements and documentation as required by Canadian codes and standards.

FCS Fire Consulting Services underwent a rigorous process beginning with having one of its engineering staff become qualified as integrated testing coordinator and then having one of its projects submitted as a sample integrated systems testing project activity. To achieve the UL listing, FCS participated in numerous desktop audits to verify correct interconnection and an on-site performance testing of these integrated systems functioning together.

“This is a significant milestone in the fulfillment of UL’s safety mission in Canada,” said Joe Hosey, country manager of UL in Canada. “Through this program, we are happy to support the implementation of a new code requirement to verify that the systems intended to protect building occupants against fire and other risks operate properly together according to their inter-relationship.”

Michele Farley, president of FCS Fire Consulting Services Ltd., said, “I appreciate the time and complexities of the certification process and I am grateful to both ULC’s and FCS’s dedicated technical teams for our success. In more than 25 years of fire alarm life safety system evaluation and resolutions, we have experienced the anomalies of systems working and commissioned independently but failing to work in an integrated manner in emergency situations. CAN/ULC-S1001 allows us to evaluate these systems in an integrated fashion and help stakeholders resolve gaps before building registration or occupancy. This important standard is another step forward in reducing preventable fire-related property damage, injury and loss of life and towards comprehensive life safety.” 

Local jurisdictions across Canada have begun implementing this new provision in the National Building and Fire Codes to verify the proper integration of fire protection and life safety systems by testing them as a whole in accordance with the CAN/ULC-S1001, Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems.

For more information, visit https://canada.ul.com/


COVID-19 Update

As a company whose business revolves around Safety and Prevention, we have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it unfolds. We have developed internal and external policies to keep our team and yours safe. We will continue to monitor this situation and are continuing to develop a variety of contingency plans which we will activate accordingly as necessary.
What we are doing to keep our team and yours safe:
What we ask of you:
We have every intention of continuing regular operation, with the safety of your team and ours being the top priority. We are taking steps to ensure no on-site services are impacted, however, will re-scheduling if necessary, based onsafety concerns or if quarantines are mandated.
The health and safety of both our team and yours is of the utmost importance. If you have any questions about our policies or would like to request more information about them please reach out to our team at Admin@fcsfire.com

Safe Wishes,
Michele Farley
President & Senior Code Consultant
FCS Fire Consulting Services LTD